What Happens During Water Damage Process, How To Solve This Problem


Water damage is a serious problem that destroys the foundation of your home. It really hits at the core strength of your house and then results in serious damage. To save your possessions and mitigate water damage, you should take steps very quickly to dry out the whole area. Drying the area after water damage should be the priority. In case of water damage if you can dry all the items in almost 48 hours then you might be able to save many things. This also helps in avoiding rust and mold. In case of emergency, you can contact water damage restoration in your area. If you are doing it by yourself then you can follow these suggestions,

First of all, absorb moisture from the whole area. There are desiccants in the market that are helpful in absorbing the moisture just like a sponge, for example, silica gel, calcium oxide, or clay. To indicate dad they are saturated some desiccants change their color. This process can take weeks or maybe some days it just depends on the quantity of moisture that items contain.

To remove water vapors from the air, you need a portable dehumidifier. Shut the doors and windows of your room so that you can prevent more humidity from coming in. You should buy a big dehumidifier so that you do not require removing the water from the water drawer frequently.

Move air with the help of natural processes. If the rate of humidity is not that high, then you should open doors and windows so that the air starts circulating. Open cabinet doors, closet, and remove all the drawers.
Move air with the help of a mechanical process. Buy or rent high-powered fans to increase air circulation. Depending on power and size these high-powered fans cost between $50 to $500. But you can also rent a high-powered fan for $20 a day.

Use wet or dry shop vac. some types of shop vacs are rated to use in a wet environment. These vacs help in sucking the water from the carpet. They are also helpful in giving you a chance to save wall-to-wall and rugs. You should not use a common household vacuum in which the inner sides are not protected from water.

You should remove sudden objects. Place furniture into the sun and haul wet rugs to lessen the moisture level. Remove linoleum flooring or sheet vinyl to increase the evaporation level. Wet insulation under floors should be thrown out.

You can also use a sump pump. A sump pump is a submersible pump that helps in moving the water continuously out of the house with the help of a pipe or a hose. If there is standing water that is more than several inches deep so you can also take professional help by calling a water damage cleanup company.

How to prevent from water damage

Preventing from water damage is very cheap than paying for repairs. Here is how you can prevent water damage by using the following strategies,

Check Your Water Leaks And Fix Them

Constant leaks result in mold or mildew, even termites, rot, and carpenter ants. If you solve the leak very quickly after it starts then there can be no permanent damage at all.

How To Check The Water Leaks:

At least one time in a year, you should check your roof and repair all the damages. Contact with the water damage cleanup services of the problem is serious.
Inspect the dark areas or spots under pipes inside cabinets of the sink, toilets that rock, stains on ceilings, and for sure drips.

Make Sure Good Drainage

Weak or poor drainage results in weakening your foundation by causing cracks, and an uneven pathway for water. You should clean your gutters on regular basis. A messy gutter can send a lot of water to your house which results in damaging the foundation and exterior sides of your home. Make sure that your downspouts deliver water 5 to 10 feet away from your home. Keeping water away from your home makes sure that excessive water will not go into your house.

Inspect Your Sump Pump On a Regular Basis

The sump pump comes to life after water damage conditions. Slowly pit the water in the sump pump pit. Wait for the water to float. Make sure that water levels fall. Then test the backup pump in the same way, but before doing this unplug your main pump.

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