Storms might be extremely dangerous and if you know what to do after damage then it’s great as it has a huge impact on the furniture of the floor, but not taking the correct decision at the, a moment can create problems for you it can even hurt you and your family members as well. You must know some basic things after storm damage that includes securing yourself, Contact the insurance company, Inspect your house, Inspect your home with an electrical system, Hire local storm damage restoration, service provider:


Following are some tips that you should take after facing a storm in your area.

1: Secure yourself:

If your house has faced severe damages then go outside the home, although personal products can easily be replaced because you might be in extreme danger by staying inside the home. As you guys know that strong storms may make some weak points that can badly hurt the ones who will stay in. Not only this but if you ever feel an odor of gas then run outside the house otherwise the situation will be out of your hands as well.

2: Contact the insurance company:

Firstly you need to notify the insurance company as soon as you face a flood, and tell them about the entire situation including flood type, they must discover its cause for determining coverage extension. All the companies will take a tour of your house to see the entire situation for the approval of repairing coverage. But, they must have great experience in rebuilding these types of homes that are fire damaged.

3: Inspect your house:

You need to contact a restoration company to inspect your home properly so that they can check your property’s weak points like leaks flooding, etc. They will note down all those problems so that they will be helpful in repairs.

4: Inspect your home with an electrical system:

Please ensure that you can contact an expert in restoration for inspecting your home properly. They will check the whole area of your place so if they will find something damaged then they can at least tell you, removes the water clean, and repair your house damages as well. You guys need to hire a licensed electrical contractor and HVAC as well. So, they can check all the things as well like switches or electrical panels too. You guys need a professional and certified electrician to do a proper inspection of the entire house. As you know, that it is electricity is a sensitive matter then you need to be attentive in this matter.

5: Hire a local storm damage restoration, service provider:

After facing a storm situation in your house you need to contact a reputed storm damage restoration service providing company who will inspect your entire house with expertise like cleaning, hazards remediation, etc. It is one of the most important steps to select the right contractor for repairing your house otherwise they can also make some major issues for you if they lack their expertise. While a restoring company is contacted if they are perfect and are specialized in disasters are probably the best one to repair almost all the damages. As they are experts so they are well-known for all the damages and for making its procedure rapid and done safely. When selecting a repairing company always selects quality over price because if you choose the price and they don’t do proper work then it will become problematic for you.


You guys need to be active while watching the news as it is really important especially if your area usually faces issues like these. Also after facing storms it is recommended to replace some stuff of your house. All the damaged materials like carpets must be removed as you can understand that they become unhygienic especially if they are made up of fiber. But, if they are made synthetically no mold will be there inside them so it is not mandatory to remove them. For the subfloor, you need to use an OSB that will soak the water.