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Mold is perilous for us and especially for the lungs as it affects the lungs by breathing. If you are living in a populated environment then you might be consuming mold spores through breathing as mentioned earlier. It is perilous for health as it can lead to allergies, infections, or respiratory disorders. Infections that are caused by Aspergillus Fumigatus that is known as Aspergillosis.

It can easily grow in places where vegetation and leaves decay. Not only this but plenty of other molds can also enter your lungs. Infections that are developed by non-Aspergillus infections.

Non-aspergillus mold can enter into 10-25% of people can meet to this disease and other infections usually patients with blood cancer and organs transplants can be affected by it.

What is mold?

A mold is a group of fungi that can be found anywhere even in your homes as well, If you don’t want mold growth in your homes then it would be mandatory to keep the mold out of your laundry rooms by keeping them dry. Also, do the laundry persistently because food is a source of mold growth so you should keep it away by frequently doing it. If the mold has been grown then you need someone to clean up, the best way is to take emergency mold removal services.

You guys need to keep your home ventilated as much as you can and especially in kitchens and washrooms as well also laundry rooms, As mold growth chances are moreover these places, so you need to ventilate them as well for even a short time. It would be great if you will fit some air vents inside your house as it will help you a lot in preventing mold. Keep all the windows, and doors open always.

These are small spores that are very small and even difficult to see with naked eyes. Because the largest spore is difficult to see as well. SO, it is perilous for your property, belongings as well as health.

Types of molds caused by lungs:

Most health issues occur from this mold inside the lungs, there are some outbreaks of molds that have been linked to some natural disasters like tornados and other contaminated medical apparatus.

1: Mucormycetes:

It is one of the most common diseases of non-Aspergillus mold infection in humans. There are some the countries like France, Switzerland, etc have reported some of the cases.

2: Hyslophymocetes:

It resembles Aspergillus mold under the vision of a microscope. They can easily be found in multiple places like soil, plant material, etc. it is another most common cause of non-Aspergillus infections in human beings.

3: Phaeohyphomycetes:

It is a big group of hundreds of fungi that consist of dark pigmentation. They usually cause light infection in individuals with a weak immune system. They can even cause an extreme level of disease in some circumstances.


Symptoms may vary from mold to mold, some of them can let you into severe disease or health issues but some of them can cause mild symptoms:

Following are some of the symptoms that it might contain:

1: Cough

2: Breathing disorder

3: Fever

How is it diagnosed?

When you will go to the doctor then they will ask you about your symptoms or diagnose mold infection. If you were troubled by any breathing disorder or any respiratory issues so, you might have a weak immune system. The other way of its diagnosis is to take a small sample of your lung fluid by inserting the types of equipment into either your nose or your mouth.

It can also be diagnosed by taking a blood sample to look at the fungus that is inside your body then they can diagnose the name of it.  There are high chances of this disease usually in the people that are already infected with Asthma or any respiratory disorder.

How it can be treated?

It can be treated by medicines, you may b given anti-fungal medicines but, their effect is still debated.

Why you should use a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier always reduces the humidity level and keeps your home less humidified which is great for preventing mold and creating an unfavorable atmosphere for them. It might be surprising for you to know that one humidifier can gather almost 20 liters of water from the air otherwise that water would have settled over the walls. It might be typical by using at first but after some time it will drop the moisture level. They are also great for allergy sufferers, as they always decrease dust build-up as well.

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