How to stop mold growth after your home flood?


After the flood, there are high chances of mold growth because any unattended water has a high risk of mold growth and it can even cause a lot of health-related problems, like allergies, asthma, and especially the development of lung problems. Once the water begins to start evaporating, here the mold starts to grow which is perilous to health. It can be caused by humid or rainy conditions. So, you should clean the water as soon as you can.

It is even better to contact any water restoration company as they are really helpful in removing mold and cleaning your entire house properly.

What are the tips for growing mold in the house?

Mold is extremely perilous to health so you guys need to take care of these things and stop its growth on time, otherwise, it might become unhealthy or unhygienic for you guys:

1: Cleaning your home:

It can be developed because of backwater and if you have recently faced a flood situation then It’s mandatory to clean your home properly so it will guarantee you no mold growth, the company that you will reach for restoration will also use dehumidifiers to make sure that there is no more mold left, although they check those places twice. The entire damaged flooring consists of hardwood, laminate, etc, they must be ripped off including the flooring.

Always try to keep everything clean and tidy and especially extractor fans because they become clogged sometimes so it will filter humidity properly.

2: Keep your home ventilated:

You guys need to keep your home ventilated as much as you can and especially kitchens and washrooms as well, As mold can be developed over there so, you need to ventilate them as well for even a short time. It would be great if you will fit some air vents inside your house as it will help you a lot in preventing mold. Keep all the windows, and doors open always.

3: Keep kitchen and bathroom doors shut:

Another important way is to keep your kitchen and bathroom doors shut always especially in winter as there are high chances of, mold growth in winter.

4: Clean fiber material:

All the fiber materials like carpets must be cleaned from time to time as you can understand that they might become unhygienic because of mold especially if they are made up of fiber. But, if you have faced a flood and the carpets are made synthetically no mold will be there inside them so it is not mandatory to remove them. For the subfloor, you need to use an OSB that will soak the water.

5: Check the leaks:

You just need to check the leaks as it will surely bring moisture inside the house and mold growth chances will be increased. So, you need to be aware of these things to prevent mold and keep yourself safe.

6: Avoid drying clothes inside the house:

Never dry your clothes inside the house, always let them dry outside otherwise the moisture will evaporate and settle over the walls.

7: Use a dehumidifier:

Another best way is using a dehumidifier, it always reduces the humidity level and keeps your home less humidified which is great for preventing mold and creating an unfavorable atmosphere for them. It might be surprising for you to know that one humidifier can gather almost 20 liters of water from the air otherwise that water would have settled over the walls. It might be typical by using at first but after some time it will drop the moisture level. They are also great for allergy sufferers, as they always decrease dust build-up as well.

9:  Contact emergency mold removal services:

Cleaning mold is also another way to remove it, if in case it has been seen in your house, you guys can easily clean it using some chemicals and home remedies as well. Some chemicals might cause an allergy so you can try some home remedies vinegar fumes, you can wear a mask for the blockage of that strong smell. You should take emergency mold removal services if it is spreading rapidly.

10: Use anti-modded products:

If incase all the tips and techniques fail for removing the mold then don’t worry and bring an anti-mold product for removing mold, there are numerous products available on the market for the removal of mold even mold killer spray is available as well.

If you are facing mold again and again in your house then contact an expert that will provide you with some technique and remove it.

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