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Is it better to replace or repair water-damaged hardwood floors?

Have you ever experienced the worst situation of damaged wooden flooring because of a flood? If not then in this article we will guide you in dealing with this entire situation related to it. We know that hardwood flood water brings a lot of mess to your house so, let’s have a look over the article below to explore more about its repairing or replacement.

Cleaning home and replacing flooring:

It’s mandatory to clean your home properly so it will guarantee you of no mold growth, the clean up company that you will reach for restoration will also use dehumidifiers to make sure that there is no more mold left, although they check those places twice. The entire damaged flooring consists of hardwood, laminate, etc, they must be ripped off including the flooring. As you all know that laminate and hardwood will be absorbing water. All the damaged materials like carpets must be removed as you can understand that they become unhygienic especially if they are made up of fiber. But, if they are made synthetically no mold will be there inside them so it is not mandatory to remove them. For the subfloor, you need to use an OSB that will soak the water.

Repairing and removing insulation and hardwood floor:

While a restoring company is contacted if they are perfect and are specialized in disasters are probably the best one to repair almost all the damages. As they are experts so they are well-known for all the damages and for making its procedure rapid and done safely. When selecting a repairing company always select quality over price because if you choose the price and they don’t do proper work then it will become problematic for you. Saturated batt insulation is not preferred as it will press the air and the space will be full of water additionally the insulation won’t dry entirely ever. This will always take you towards the worst air quality and mold as well. Also, you need to measure the time that how much time the flood occurred? If it occurred for a few hours then it might be repaired easily but if it occurred for many days then this might be a problematic situation for you and you will have to replace it.

What was the type of water that cause damage?

It is necessary to know the type of water that occurred the damage because its nature has a great impact on the damage:

Types of water:

1: Clean water

2: Greywater

3: Blackwater

4: Saltwater

1: Clean water:

This type of water is the best one and repairing flooring is preferred rather than replacing it. Most of the time it comes from the sink which is clear and not contaminated. There are no dirty materials or perilous chemicals mixed into it so, replacing is the best option.

2: Greywater:

When the dishwater or dirty clothes water leaks then it becomes perilous and referred to as dirty water that’s why it is better to replace the hardwood flooring. This water is not safe and can harm you so, according to the experts you should replace the flooring.

3: Blackwater:

This is another type of water that is extremely dangerous and it can completely damage your hardwood flooring and other belongings as well. This liquid comes from contaminated places like toilets, sewerage systems, streams, etc. It becomes perilous for everyone that’s why it is mandatory to replace the flooring as soon as possible. It even produces bacteria which is harmful not only to humans but to animals as well.

4: Saltwater:

Saltwater is not perilous for humans but for flooring, it is very harmful, if the flooding is from any ocean. If it is possible to remove all the water in a little time then there is no need to replace it, you guys can only clean it. But, if the flood has occurred many days ago then you should replace or reinstall it.


If you are confused about replacing or repairing the flooring then it is dependent on the situation that you should replace it or repair it? You guys can take help from our article and depending on the situation decide to replace or repair the hardwood flooring. Agr services are providing you with numerous storm damage services, emergency water removal services, etc.

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