Suggestions to prevent the mold growth after flooding


Storm season brings the possibility of serious flooding and heavy rains. Along these the threats of mold outbreaks also come that can damage home furnishings and also affect the health of people with asthma, allergies, and compromised immune systems. To keep the growth of mold in check you should recognize the problem within 24 to 48 hours. Get in contact with emergency mold removal services and follow their advice.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that you can solve small mold problems by yourself whose area is 10 square feet or less. You can use a mixture of detergent and water and a little elbow grease. But those people whose homes have been affected or soaked by dirty water need immediate help from professional mold clean-up services. If the cooling or heating system of a flooded home has been affected then you must take it seriously.

Tips for mold cleanup

If you are cleaning the mold with the help of bleach, then make sure that you always use fresh bleach. Never use the mixture of bleach or bleach containing products with ammonia because it can form hazardous fumes that cause respiratory problems.

If you have any type of respiratory problems or you are immunocompromised, then cleaning the mold is not a job that you can do by yourself. People with certain health problems can be harmed because of the use of bleach and prolonged exposure to mold. If you are not having any type of these health problems then you can follow these steps.

Dry out and clean up the building as fast as possible. Open windows and doors and use dehumidifiers and fans.
Throw out all porous atoms that have been wet for more than almost 48 hours and cannot be dried or cleaned. All these items can remain a source of mold growth for a long time. Those items which are hard to clean include,
Carpet padding
Ceiling tiles
Wood and wood products
Insulation material

Cleaning and then removal is a very important part because even dead molds can also cause allergies in your family.
Damaged or discarded items should be stored temporarily outside your house until the claim of insurance can be preceded.
Clean other wet items with the help of detergent in water so that mold growth can be stopped.
For those molds that are just specifically caused by floodwaters and when they can’t be removed with the help of detergent solution then use a mixture of one cup of bleach + one gallon of water.
In the flooded houses any type of water left can cause the growth of mold in the house again. Once the water starts evaporating in the air then mold can spread in the whole house, especially in rainy or humid conditions that’s why it is very important to clean the water-damaged areas quickly. After cleaning the interior of your home and drying out you should check the outside of your home too.

Are you are seeing any pooling water near your home which can also cause damage or any type of cracks that includes mold growth? To avoid the pool water you are required to extend your downspouts or fix your grade. Use a dehumidifier so that the moisture content remains down. This is because right after a flood or storm moisture in the air can lead to mold growth. If you keep your house as dry as possible then controlling the mold growth is very easy.

Open all windows.
Use a dehumidifying machine to keep the air clean, dry, and cool.
Turn on all fans.
We would recommend using a dehumidifier that can consume 60 to 70 points of water per day. While using a dehumidifier you can also use a humidity monitor so that you can keep an eye on the levels of humidity. The ideal humidity level for summertime is 60% while for winter the ideal humidity level is 25 to 40%.

If you are trying to clean the mold growth on your own then you should wear protective gear that can cover your nose, hands, and eyes.
Wear gloves. With your bare hands, you should avoid touching moldy items or mold.
Wear goggles. Wear those goggles that do not contain any type of ventilation holes.
Wear a respirator because a handkerchief or dust mask does not help protect you because mold can pass through it. You should use the N-95 respirator that is available at many stores.

In Conway, we are providing mold removal services. We have a professional and trained team for mold removal. If you are having any type of mold growth at your home, workplace, or in the basement get in touch with us today! Maybe you are risking your family’s health.