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A Sprinkler system is always installed to save your money, time, and energy as well. But, how would you get to know that it has been leaked? If it has been leaked then it’s a very bad thing as it costs a lot of money in water bills, increases landscaping, it can be extremely dangerous for your lawn as it can cause damage to it.

It’s important to look over the signs that show a leak is continuously happening and also whether the water is flooding into the basement or not? In this article, we will guide you through some of the signs of a broken sprinkler line:

Signs of a broken sprinkler line:

Following are the Signs of a broken sprinkler line:

1: The grass always remains wet:

If you ever feel squishing over the grass on a non-rainy day then it might be a clear indication of a leaky sprinkler line. You may also see the places where some of the important connections are connected. You may also see bubbling over the ground which is great that at least the sprinkler system is leaking underground.

2: Concrete will be wet:

If you ever find some spots over your concrete then check the important pipe connections from where the sprinkler was installed. If you can’t find anything then you should contact the professional as soon as possible on time otherwise you may never know where the water is going because it may also flood inside the basement which can cause your property a lot of damage. It may cost expensive types of equipment and the plumber or professional will also charge a lot.

3: Fungus growth:

If you see a mushroom growth then something must be wrong or leaked, so you should call a  professional because mushroom growth is not normal in a landscape or suburban.

4: Water bill has jumped up:

If you see a sudden spike in your water ill then it’s a clear indication of any leakage happening somewhere in your home. The first thing you should check has to be the sprinkler line, toilet, dishwater, etc. From here you will find the broken sprinkler line if it is.

5: Water pressure has been reduced:

If you will find out that water pressure has reduced then you guys should check your pipelines and sprinklers. You will find out the main problem through this.

Must try to inspect your home by an expert to find out if the water flooding into the basement or not?

Please ensure that you can contact an expert in restoration for inspecting your home properly. They will check the whole area of your place so if they will find something damaged then they can at least tell you, removes the water clean, and repair your house damages as well. Do you guys need to hire a licensed mechanical contractor or professional who can find out that is the water is flooding into the basement or not? So, they can check when all the things as well like sprinkler lines, basement, etc.

How sprinklers can cause water damage?

The most common way sprinklers cause damage is being prolonged as it causes oversaturation. If a ground absorbs a lot of water then it can increase the chances of water flooding into the basement if they are placed close to your home. Another important thing to ensure is that sprinklers are being connected to your water lines so there is a high risk of water flooding into your basement which can cause plenty of damage to your house along with water damage.


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